Thursday, May 26, 2005

Want Christopher Ward Info

Wilmington lawyer Christopher L. Ward (1868-1943) wrote books in many areas. He was a respected amateur historian and wrote a number of historic texts. He wrote novels in a variety of settings and moods. And he wrote pure literature including satire and humor. He also hobnobbed with several American literary greats.

I had long wanted to publish an article in Collecting Delaware Books about Ward. I hesitated because the late Jerry Shields was researching him. Alas, Jerry's sudden death in 1998 put an end to that and many other projects.

Recently I decided to revive the article on Ward and add it to the CDB Web site. The record of his writings is clear and includes several surprises. But biographical information beyond his role as a founder of Corporate Services Company is hard to find. Then, by accident, I stumbled on a note that a local book dealer had sold Jerry Shield's notes on Christopher L. Ward a few years ago. If anyone knows who bought these notes, I would appreciate hearing from them.