Monday, April 11, 2005

The Old Conrad High School

Henry C Conrad was a notable Delawarean 100 years ago as a judge, writer, amateur historian, and historical society officer. His 1908 3-volume History of Delaware was an important update to Scharf. The following email is not about books specifically, but it might strike a chord with some readers.

Quoting --

My name is Jeff Nichols. I am in search of specific articles pertaining to Henry C. Conrad. The reason for this search is the crushing news that the Old Henry C. Conrad High School now recognized as the Henry C. Conrad Middle School is undergoing a change to a Biotech School with a planned name change. I come from a family of seven that had all five children attend Conrad High. Since the closure of the High School in 79' the alumni of Conrad High have continued to carry the spirit of the school. We still have a marching band from the old alumni that performs at our events and charity functions. Alumni from the 1940s still come to these functions. Being that your career and knowledge in Delaware history is vast, I thought you may be able to provide information that may assist me in fighting this potential renaming. Our history is the only absolute we can count on in this ever changing world. To remove pieces that mean so much to so many adds to the deterioration of our communities. The break down of our community schools led to the break down of our neighborhoods which led to the destruction of our communities and fed the problems of our entire society. To have a High School dedicated to you must have meant that you have had a strong impact on the lives of so many and that you had dedicated so much of your own for the benefit of others. If you rename that dedication does it not mean that perhaps all that work is not so important any more. All of the memories and spirit of so many can just be altered by a group of people who have no emotional stake in their decision. I believe we can change and build for the future without forgetting or forsaking the memory and the history of our past.


Jeff Nichols

If any of you feel like joining Jeff in his cause, send me email (see the sidebar link), and I will forward your message and email address to him. -- John P Reid